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Providing advanced knowledge and accuracy when designing for both traditional lithographic presswork and faster digital printing technologies.

Design to Print

Printed designs are all around us, they appear on multiple mediums, business cards, brochures, magazine covers, billboards, adverts, and so on.

Our two main processes are Lithographic and Digital print. Working with CMYK values, the colours used within designs are brought to life, with vibrancy and accuracy.

We cross-check to ensure high resolution, DPI (dots per inch) are set correctly, ensuring the design you see on screen, prints to a perfect reflection.


Lithographic Print

We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art, five colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75. It guarantees the highest standards of lithographic printing. This ultra-modern press continually measures colour, ink consistency and print quality to deliver optimum colour matching and quality control.

Heidelberg leads the way for innovation within their machinery portfolio, through sustainable development and their principle of continual improvement. We are proud to be a part of their forward thinking ecological process, covering various environmentally compatible solutions, for the entire machine life cycle, from manufacture to disposal.


Digital Print

Digital printing uses a digital based image to print directly onto the printing surface using a laser or inkjet printing press. Until more recently, the quality of digital printing wasn’t as sharp or consistent as litho, but recent advancements in digital print technology means that print quality has vastly improved.

Where digital has the advantage over litho, is the use of variable data. You can make each piece unique by personalising individual sheets with different images and information.



We offer the full remit of printing processes and services, so whether you need a short digital run, a specialist litho project or a complete web to print solution, we can help.


Recent projects:-

Various. Objective: Triplex 600gsm – 1,350gsm. 


Wildjac. Objective: labels, Table Talkers, Seeded Cards, Leaflets, Tags, POS. 


Sienna. Sleeves, Domed Labels, Cards, Brochure, Leaflets. 


Various. Universal Safety, NHS, Seca.