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WordPress for Website Development

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 17 October 2022

WordPress is the leading content management system on the web with 59% of the internet using it as a tool to manage their website on a day-to-day basis. This is equal to around 75 million websites.

Our website team has spent many years developing their knowledge of WordPress to improve not only your user experience when browsing your website, but also to assist with your SEO optimisation and ability to flexibly administrate your website 24/7.  Whether it be via your tablet on the train or on your desktop computer at home, WordPress will allow you to easily make changes to your website.

Why do so many people trust WordPress as their number one solution when building a website, whether it be eCommerce or a brochure site?

Approachable User Experience

As Designers and Developers who focus on the experience of users when designing and building websites, it’s important that the content management system (CMS) we use reflects the usability of your website.  The owner of the website must be able to administer changes to the website as easily as their customers can browse it.

This is a massive strength of WordPress. The CMS has one of the best user experiences, allowing the user to easily administer changes, adapt layouts (where possible), and revise the content at any time or place.  Anybody from a beginner, to a hardened Developer, can use WordPress to design and build a website, which makes it so approachable for a range of different markets.

It is Open Source Software

A big benefit of WordPress is that it is Open Source. This means that Developers can take a copy of the CMS and set it up on their own server, without incurring any fees for using it. 

This has allowed a large community to build for WordPress, providing a range of open source and freeware additions, allowing most solutions to be possible out of the box with a few added plugins.

There is always more than one way to do any one thing thanks to the flexibility of the system and the large community that has been built around WordPress. That community will continue to grow in the future.  Whether it is via Slack or Git, WordPress enthusiasts interact and code to make it even better with each release.

Regular Updates

Leading on from the open source benefits, WordPress is subject to updates on a regular basis.  This means that whenever a vulnerability is found with the software, a patch can be quickly applied to stop intruders from exploiting it.

Vulnerabilities, on the whole, are not something to be worried about. While the CMS’s grow, so do their user-ship, so it is only natural for people to also start trying to exploit it. 

By updating your website as soon as possible, and taking precautions such as the popular Wordfence plugin for WordPress, it is unlikely that you will ever have any issues with your WordPress installs. In our many years working with websites, we have never seen any exploits and expect that to continue into the future, largely due to the precautionary measures we take with all our websites.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you are a seasoned Digital Marketer or someone with a website who wants to try and make it appear higher in Google, WordPress is the CMS for you. On a whole, WordPress sites tend to solve SEO problems on their own and they are easily crawlable by Google and other search engine bots thanks to the familiarity of the code base and the pre-set configurations that WordPress ships with.

There is also a range of plugins that can help with SEO optimisation of your pages, easily suggesting what you need to improve per page. Yoast, for example, is a great tool that allows the user to easily optimise their website with little to no knowledge of Digital Marketing.