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4 simple tips for better SEO

If you haven’t heard of SEO then you may be wondering why your website is struggling to rank highly on the main search engines. Perhaps your competitors are stealing your clients simply because they can’t find your website online. Or even worse you could be online but only on page 2 of Google, very commonly dubbed as the “place where no one ever goes”.

If you’re aware of SEO but curious as to what it is and how it works, we’ve pulled together a quick 4-point guide on what SEO is and how you can get better SEO for your website.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process in which search engines rank webpages visibility in the search engines unpaid results. The better the SEO on the website the higher the ranking.

Here are 4 tips on how to improve the ranking of your website.

Optimize your titles, URL, and descriptions – This is one of the oldest tricks for SEO but still to this day one of the best and most important. As you look at a search result on Google you will notice that the head link is as closely related to your search as possible, and with this, the description commonly matches. For example, if you search Web Design in Google now, notice how all the titles and descriptions on the first page have Web Design in them both.

Provide useful and fresh content – Websites are designed to keep your customers up to date with your company, so make sure, where possible to do just that. Providing regular, relevant content will help Google to know your Company is committed to staying up to date. Fresh content also increases audience reaction and engagement and is likely to increase your website’s return rate.

Faster Website loading times – Users will typically not wait longer than 3 seconds for a website to load, and you can’t afford to be missing out on their business. SEO does rank page speed against other websites with similar content. Also, faster websites generate higher conversions.

Ensure the website is mobile friendly – It goes without saying that the number of website users on mobile is continually growing and Search Engines recognise this, therefore your site needs to be mobile friendly to ensure Google can rank it higher than your competitors who may not be thinking about this.

By spending the time to improve the SEO on your website you can directly increase the number of customers your business sees on a regular basis.